Power is the ability to act or produce an effect; possession of authority over others. Indeed, these two aspects of power are often related in the Scripture. This is because God has revealed His power in the act of creation, He has authority to assign dominion to whoever He wills (Jer. 10:12; 27:5). God revealed His power by miraculously delivering Israel from Egyptian slavery (Exo.4:21; 9:16; 15:6; 32:11) and in the conquest of Canaan (Ps. 111:6). God is a God of love and power – He gladly and graciously manifests both. Every born-again Christian is expected to demonstrate God’s love and power through the enablying of the Holy Sprit.

Thus, to lack either power or love is to have an incomplete seal of the Holy Spirit upon your ministry as a Christian leader. Preaching without power is no preaching; teaching without power engenders blunders; prayer without power is a waste; and evangelism without power is a fruitless effort.

As Christian leaders, ministers, and workers, and /or as Christians, we need power and the power is truly available to us today. When we say we need power, we are not talking about human or physical power, such as the power or strength needed to lift up hefty objects, weights, hammer nails, or to push a truck or heavy vacuum cleaner. We are not talking about electrical power or any other power in the natural realm. The power we are talking about here cannot be explained by natural laws. It is divine. It is supernatural. It is above or beyond natural or human power.  This kind of power occurs totally outside the laws of nature. The power that is available here cannot be explained by logical is the power to do great exploits such as healing, setting captives free, winning lost souls for Christ, etc. The power is available to those Christians who are genuinely born-again; who totally consecrate themselves; and have faith in God. However, the following can prevent you from accessing this power: unforgiving spirit, anger, impurity, unholy behaviour, immorality, unrighteousness, lies, pride, idolatry, lack of faith, rebellion, envy, unbelief; ignorance .etc.

       Brethren, it does not matter if you are a member, pew-filler, chorister, an usher, a Sunday school Teacher, or a Pastor – the power of God is there for you to use and God wants you to learn how to use it.  The power is available to us, the power is here with us, and the power is a seed in us. But you must allow the seed to grow for exploits through the fertilization of Holy Spirit, and be ASKING for it (Lk. 11:13; James. 4:2; John. 14:14; 16:23-24; Matt. 7:7) 

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